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Advisory Council

R Sridharan BW.jpg

R Sridharan

Director - IBA (South Asia) Former Director, Phillips India

Amita Desai BW.jpg

Amita Desai

Executive Director
Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad

Kumar Ramanathan BW.jpg

Kumar Ramanathan

CEO, Positive Integers
Former CMO, Vodafone India

Kalpana Sharma BW_edited.jpg

Kalpana Sharma

Senior Journalist & Author

Usha Raman BW_edited.jpg

Dr. Usha Raman

Senior Academic & Writer

Priya Venugopal BW.jpg

Priya Venugopal

​Educator & Social Impactor

Our Founders

Shreyas Sridharan B&W_edited_edited.jpg


Shreyas Sridharan

Shreyas is a first-generation entrepreneur, with a decade of experience in solar technology. He has worked in 4 cities across India & speaks 8 languages.

His work experience, as founder of Aashman Solar, harnessed heat using concentrated solar technologies. This delivered clean energy to massive projects across sectors, such as mega kitchens, hotel & hospital groups, automotive industries, and educational institutions - reducing their demand for fossil fuels. Trained as a biotechnologist, he worked in process filtration with the pharma industry, in another life.

At EkoGalaxy, Shreyas drives innovation, operations & design thinking. He is loved for his curiosity, sense of humour & tenacious enthusiasm to address the climate crisis. He enjoys cooking, gaming, podcasts, and martial arts.

Urvi Desai BW_edited.jpg


Dr. Urvi Desai

Urvi has lived & worked in Bombay, Geneva, Berlin, Montreal, and Hyderabad.

She has a PhD (& Cundill Fellowship) in medical history from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. At McGill, she created curriculum & has teaching experience as lecturer for undergraduate credit courses.

She has a Master's (on full scholarship) from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) in Geneva, Switzerland. She also studied public policy at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Germany.

At EkoGalaxy, she leads curriculum, collaborations & strategy. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, running, singing, standup comedy & gardening.


Chief Happiness Officer


Nanuk is our in-house bundle of joy and mischief. Very social and always ready for an adventure, she’s the happiest addition to our team, and effortlessly, the most popular! 

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