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Learning from nature: UPCYCLING | EkoGalaxy

Since time immemorial nature has been people’s muse. And while nature is stunning, she is also practical – a delicate blend of beauty and survival.

From our natural environment, we can how to reuse items that no longer serve their original purpose.

One such example is the Bowerbird (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus). The male Bowerbird collects colourful pieces of objects to lay in and around its bower to attract females. The objects are materials found in nature, such as flowers and shells, as well as manmade waste such as plastic items or pieces of glass.

Another example of repurposing is shells used by hermit crabs. These smart crustaceans do not have hard outer exoskeletons, and in order to protect themselves take on other gastropod shells as their own. Some species of octopus have also found ways to convert similar objects into shelters.

There exist many such examples around us. Everything in nature has and serves a purpose. Nothing ever goes to waste. This is something that we as a species need to understand and implement in our daily lives.

Now, this doesn’t mean we should decorate our homes with pieces of plastic! Instead, what we can do is learn upcycle products that would end up being thrown away.

For example, plastic bottles can be used as plant pots, or artwork can be made with wine corks and plastic waste. The possibilities are endless!

It may take effort initially, but before you know it, it can be a way of life. After all, the saying goes, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

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