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For Educational Institutions 


At EkoGalaxy, we recognize that schools & colleges are preoccupied with the academic curriculum and are keen to expand academic offerings in line with recent trends.


We believe that climate education is the need of the hour & priority towards enabling future generations to solve the climate crisis. Ekogalaxy programs & workshops are designed towards helping students navigate eco-anxiety and understand climate action.   

Our innovative programs & workshops adhere to globally recognized ESD frameworks towards helping your institution demonstrate UN SDGs  & Transform your school into a climate school for the future.   

Connect  with us to learn more about the benefits for your students & also your institution. 

We look forward to hearing from you & working closely with Institutions keen to enable access to engaging & actionable climate education programs & workshops made accessible for students.   

If you are a teacher/principal, Please fill out the form below, and we will contact you.


If you are a student/parent keen to recommend EkoGalaxy climate education programs & workshops, please fill out the form. 


We look forward to getting in touch! 

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